Sunday, May 1, 2011

LIL' NACHO~~~Wee Cowboy Mouser

Thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce you to Lil' Nacho....a rather shy little fellow who is content to play his cowboy games all day long in the land of make believe. Mama mouser just smiles and shakes her head. She knows the only way to get Lil' Nacho's attention is to ring the dinner bell.

Lil' Nacho stands 7 inches tall (to the top of his hobby horse.) He is made of osnaburg and quilt shop quality fabrics.

His hobby horse is made of muslin. The mane is black embroidery floss that has been hand stitched on. Both have been aged to prim perfection.

I have two mousers available. If you are "needful" of Lil' Nacho, please email me using the contact button on my sidebar. Lil' Nacho is $26.00 which includes travel fare. I am happy to accept paypal, checks or money orders. Requests will be filled in the order they are taken.

hugs and smiles,



Beckyjean said...


Lovin Lil' Nacho!! He is simply adorable.

Have a wonderful evening~Becky

Michele said...

Hi Carol!

The cowboy hat was the perfect addition and the hobby horse is too cute! So much work. I continue to be amazed of the intricate detail of your work! ~.~

Old Road Primitives said...

Hi Carol,

Your lil' Nacho is cute as can be! Love the lil' hobby horse! Cute, Cute!!! Thanks for posting ORP's Giveaway on your blog! Have a great day! Kim

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Carol - this is just too, too, sweet! LOVE it!!! (Now you're getting me on this mouse thing....shame!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

Firecracker Kid said...

YeeHaw! That's a rootin' tootin' mouse. Awesome work of art.

Patti said...

That is just too dear. The little cowboy hat just makes it perfect.

Prim Blessings,

ChRiS said...

oh gosh isn't he a cutie......i so love my americana mouse.....i may have to start collecting !!!