Thursday, May 17, 2012


It has certainly been a while since I posted anything.  This is my favorite time of the year....the flowers and their beautiful colors are just beginning to pop and the weather is still mild.  I love being outside when the temps are still in the high 60's and low 70's.  It has been the perfect spring weather in our area and I am much further in clean-up after the long winter than I usually am at this time.  Some years seem to be better for certain flowers than others.  This year my orange poppies have just exploded.  They have literally tried to take over one of the beds.  They are truly fragile flowers, laying over on themselves; their flowers don't really stand up to rain or wind too well.  Here is a pic of a few that are blooming.

My white Clematis is also in full bloom.  This flower is from my daughter's wedding that we held in the backyard last June.  We had a real time with a woodchuck who had taken up residence in our yard and was determined to make a meal out of this plant.  As you can see, the plant is still here and the woodchuck has taken up residence somewhere else.  ha!  A good friend of mine found this old garden gate for me last year and now it is the perfect trellis for this flower.  . 
Well, there is no bird's nest in Mr. Wonderful's tractor this year but I have found several around the yard.  Gotta love those new Moms.

One of my favorite flowers is the Orchid.  This is a pic of the flower Mr. Wonderful brought home several days ago for Mother's Day.


While I am sharing, I also wanted to share a pic of  the cutest shabby chic chest that I purchased from The Bear's Blog.  This chest is awesome with tons of neat vintage items added to the lid giving it that great shabby chic look.  It goes great with a grouping of vintage bottles and antique pictures on a shelf above it.  Be sure to check out Joyce's blog and the antics of Prudence and her little friends.  Joyce has a Shabby Chic Gift shop that currently offers some real vintage treasures.  If you love antique linens, you will certainly want to chek it out.

And last, I wanted to share a picture of Abby; my newest adopted doll from Jody of Sweet Bear Creek Whims.  She has her own special place in my kitchen sitting on a vintage chair next to my back door and greeting everyone who enters.  Jody is a very talented artist and does amazing work as is evident in the features of Abby's adorable face.  Thank you sooo much Jody for gifting me with Abby.  I am blessed to have her a part of our farm family.  This pattern, as well as many others are available on Jody's blog.  Check it out.  You are in for a real treat.  Here is a pic of adorable Abby.

Well, everyone...thanks for stopping by.  Life is simple and uncomplicated around the farm in the summertime and that is just how we like it.  Have a GREAT summer and if you are like me,  I know where you will be.....outside getting your hands dirty.

hugs and simple summertime smiles,

Thursday, May 3, 2012


New items have been added to my etsy this morning.

First is this one-of-a-kind summertime vignette featuring Hannah and her barnyard friends.

In addition, there is sweet Miss Winnifred mouser and a couple more sheep made using the vintage seed batting.

If you would like to check out these new listings, you can find the link to my etsy store on my right sidebar. I have planned to take a couple of months off during the summer to spend with family and friends so I will not be updating my etsy shop for a little while.



Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It has been a while since my last post.  Seems lately that the faster I go the further behind I get.  I am long overdue in sending "thank yous" to some very dear blogging friends for some special deliveries I have received in the past few weeks.

I don't know how familiar some of you are with Kim of OLD ROAD PRIMITIVES, but if you know her like I do, then you know how much of an advocate she is for planet green.  I was blessed to receive some of the cleaning products that she uses and decided to use them for a couple of weeks before sharing with everyone and see just how good these products worked.  They are wonderful!  Not only do they do the job, they smell fantastic  and are environmentally safe. 

If you are interested in trying these environmentally safe cleaning products, you can find them at  Sweet Grass Farm is a family owned business who specialize in environmentally friendly plant based cleaners and other products.    Thanks so much, Kim, for introducing me to these wonderful products.  I am so thrilled with them that they are becoming a permanent part of my cleaning routine.  Check out Kim's blog here:  She offers great tutorials and wonderful primitive patterns.

I received another "special delivery" from another wonderful friend, Jody of SWEET BEAR CREEK WHIMS.  If you are familiar with Jody's work you may not know that she has a real gift and a love for photography.  I was recently blessed to receive some beautiful note cards that were made by Jody using her photograpic talents.  These cards are absolutely amazing and even though they were made with the intention that I would use them, I am finding it hard to part with them as each one is so beautiful.

Some of the cards that Jody designed were based on photos of one of my mousers and her BFF Beulah. How great is that!!!! If you would like to see more of  Jody's photographic talent, wonderful creations and patterns you can find them at

Another "special delivery" I received last week came a grand opening celebration giveaway at The Olde Primitive Peddler.  This cutest of little Bella bunny dolls was made by the very talented Jenn Martino - West of BEAUTIFUL DISASTER ORIGINALS.

  You can check out Jenn's blog at  And don't forget to check out her monthly updates on The Olde Primitive Peddler which can be found at