Saturday, November 1, 2014


Following are my offerings.....if you should find something "needful" please email me at to purchase.  All emails will be taken in the order they are received.

#1  MINDY SUE   Tis Spoken For - Thank you.

Mindy stands approximately 6 1/2 inches tall and is made from aged osnaburg.  Her outfit is made from burgundy homespun.  Her vest is made from hand dyed wool.  Her tiny snowman purse is wool felt with appliqued and embroidered features.  Kindly asking $38.00 plus travel fare.

#2  MERRIWEATHER AND HER SHEEP  Tis Spoken For...Thank you.

Merriweather is made of aged osnaburg and stands approximately 6/1/2 inches tall.  Her dress is quilt shop quality fabric in a beautiful Christmas green.  She carries her basket of goodies and present as she makes her way through the forest to her Christmas gathering.  She carries her grubby lantern to light her way.  Her apron is made of osnaburg and has the Cincinnati feedsack logo printed on the front.

Traveling alongside is her sheep who is also decked out in Christmas attire.  The sheep is needle felted wool over an osnaburg body.  The blanket and hat are made of hand dyed wool (red and forest green.)

Kindly asking $65.00 plus travel fare.

#3  CHRISTMAS CAROLERS  Tis Spoken For....Thank  You.

Father and mother mousels are made of aged osnaburg and stand approximately 7 inches tall.  Their jackets are made of black flannel and their scarves are made of hand dyed wool.  They both carry their own songbooks and father lights the way with his grubby lantern. Mother's skirt is black mini check homespun.

The tree stands approximately 13 inches tall to the top of the rusty star.  The lighted tree has been adorned with rusty bells, homespun ties and a strand of 35 mini seed lights.

Kindly asking $80.00 plus travel fare for this three piece Christmas vignette.

#4  SKIING MOUSE ORNAMENT  (Green Scarf)  Tis Spoken For...Thank You.

This little mousel is made of aged osnaburg and is approximately 3 1/2 inches tall.  He is ready for a day of skiing the slopes.  He is adorned in his prim green hand dyed wool scarf and gloves.  His skis and poles have been grunged to perfection.

Kindly asking $24.00 plus air fare for this sweet little mousel ornament.

#5  SKIING MOUSE ORNAMENT (Red plaid scarf)  Tis Spoken For...Thank You

This little skiing mouse ornament is made of aged osnaburg and wears a red plaid wool scarf and black gloves.  His poles and skis have been grunged to perfection using my own personal recipe.

Kindly asking $24.00 plus air fare.

#6  SKIING MOUSE  Tis Spoken For...Thank You

This mouse is skiing the slopes and is approximately 4 inches high x 4 1/2 inches long.  Made of aged osnaburg and wearing a red plaid wool scarf and black wool gloves.  His poles and skis are grunged to perfection.  He even remembered to put on his ear muffs...ha!

Kindly asking $28.00 plus travel fare.

#7  DAD MOUSE AND THE BOYS  Tis Spoken For...Thank You

This sweet snowtime vignette is approximately 8 inches high x 11 inches long.  The mice are made of aged osnaburg with needle sculpted facial features.  Their scarves, gloves and boots are hand dyed wool.  There is lots of detail in this will not be disappointed.

Kindly asking $78.00 plus air fare.

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY SISTER SITE.......JOYCE MAYER of BEARS JUST B-CLAWS has some beautiful Christmas handmades for your shopping pleasure.  You can find her blog by clicking here:  BEARS JUST B-CLAWS